Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year's Resolutions - Or something like that...

New Year's Resolutions have always seemed like a really neat idea to me. Until I get about 2 weeks into them.... then they seem like a burden. I think it's because I often set resolutions or "goals" that aren't as realistic for me as I think they are. Perhaps I make them too specific, too structured. Maybe I need to give my self a little break. Even though I more often think that I need to give myself I nice little kick in the pants to be more productive, get things done on time, do this, do that, live up to this, stop doing that....
Anyway, I have been thinking a lot about things that I'd like to see happen, to help happen, to make happen, to change about myself, etc... in 2011. I think I am going to leave them a bit vague and open ended though so I'm not too hard on myself as the year goes on for not achieving some arbitrary goal that in the long run may or may not have a life-altering effect on me. Here goes:

1. Take better care of myself, emotionally and physically.
2. Go outside more often.
3. Stop freaking out about whether or not I'm going to do this whole mom thing "the right way".
4. Finally learn to play the guitar.
5. Be more organized.
6. Find ways to earn/save money for a down payment on a house/paying off debts.
7. Correspond with long-distance friends/family more often.
8. Get back into my art.
9. Blog more often.
10. Use my time more wisely.
11. Stop being so hard on myself when I don't use my time wisely.
12. Let Ian and Owen know every day how much I love them.
13. Read my Bible more often.
14. Read to Owen frequently, even though I know he can't understand it yet.
15. Notice, respect, and share God and what He's doing in my life as often as possible.

Happy New Year. I hope you look at this year and each and every day that we're blessed with as an opportunity to do, to be, to change, to influence, to learn, to love, to listen, to obey, to seek, to challenge, to find, to explore, to wonder, to dream...... whether or not you choose to make actual resolutions.

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  1. You are beautiful! God bless your 2011. (I am sooooo excited for Owen to arrive.) :)