Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Back by popular demand... or... just, back. :o)

So between moving, a teething baby, and having a small organ removed from my body and the ensuing recovery - it's been a while since I've blogged.

But I'm back! What cool things have happened in the past month and a half, you ask? How sweet and curious of you to ask! A list is forthcoming.... (I don't know why I enjoy making lists on my blog so much... I just do.)

1. We moved! I love this little house! It's stinking cute. Really. Owen has his own room that isn't also the office/junk room. Our living room is the size of our apartment kitchen and living room combined. SO nice and open. We have a cute little backyard with a tiny little patio and a bench that our landlord put out there. And let me tell you, I LOVE parking my car in the garage instead of whatever space is available in the silly apartment parking lot. Pictures of said adorable house coming soon.

2. I got tons of stuff unpacked and put in the right rooms and cleaned and started organizing and then my gallbladder tried to kill me. Ok, so it was far less serious than some people I know (My friend was misdiagnosed for years and when they finally discovered that her issues were gallbladder related, it was so full of stones, it twice the normal size! Her doctor asked if they could put a picture of it in a medical journal!) After a trip to the ER, a consult with a surgeon, and a one hour surgery that I thankfully remember absolutely nothing about, I spent about 5 days  propped up on pillows on the couch thinking about the sweet little boy that I couldn't cuddle and all the boxes that I hadn't unpacked yet. Now, a week and a half after surgery, I'm finally able to snuggle Owen and I'm slowly getting back to all the housework and unpacking remaining boxes.

3. Vanilla Bean Haagen Dazs + crushed Nutter Butter cookies = w h o a .

4. We finally got a clothes drying rack so now we can cut down on some of our electricity bill (especially since we're doing so much more laundry with the cloth diapers and all the clothes covered in drool). I'd like to put up a little clothesline in our backyard but our HOA says that clotheslines are one of those things that "should be completely concealed from sight from any neighboring properties". There are four houses that share parts of the backyard fence with us. What am I supposed to do? Go to each neighbor and ask "Hey, can you see my clothesline from your backyard?" I thought of maybe just tying some rope between the two posts holding up the roof over our patio and just taking down when the diapers are done drying and sun bleaching.... but that may be too "white trash" for this area.

5. Ian and I made our own laundry detergent last night! I'm testing it out now on the couch cover (which Owen decided to pit up ALL OVER this morning, but he felt much better afterward...) and a couple of Owen's blankets. I'll report back on my impression of how the detergent works, along with the recipe we used to make it.

6. I've been craving zucchini the last few days. And chocolate. I'm not pregnant, I promise. Ever hear of chocolate zucchini cake? I need to try that out soon.

7. At the end of August/ beginning of September I hoping to re-open my Etsy craft shop with a bunch of neat stuff. In order to do that, I'm designating August as "Complete unfinished projects and don't start anything new if you can help it" month. Despite the fact that just the other day I thought of 4, yes 4, awesome new projects I'd like to create at some point. Not to mention tons of "Cute things to make for Etsy" lists that I've made all over the house. But seriously, I have so many started-but-unfinished projects, this will be an interesting month for me if I stick to it.

8. Owen is 6 months old today!! He sat up for about 2 and a half minutes (yes, I timed it) by himself this morning before an adorable (at first) sideways face plant onto one of his hard plastic teething toys. Lots of screaming and snuggling followed.

Ok, that's all I can think of right now. I'm going to go attack a very colorful unfinished knitting project before Owen wakes up from his nap.
Happy Wednesday!